Greek & Grill Cuisine

Syrtaki is the original Greek and grill eating experience. The dishes are 100% traditional Greek cuisine that Blankenburg community loves. In Syrtaki’s  menu you will find a variety of Greek favorite grill dishes, with ingredients that have been carefully chosen  and masterfully crafted for your absolute pleasure.


The Meeting Point of Blankenburg

Syrtaki straightforward Greek menu has been uniquely popular in Blankenburg for over 17 years. This have been combined with the unmatched friendly and open atmosphere that makes Syrtaki Blankenburgs a gathering place and a meeting point for all generations. We are humble by the appreciation of Blankenburg community that has been shown to us all these years and striving to be better every day.

syrtaki garden at night


Enjoying Summer

Every summer the past 17 years Syrtaki garden is the final destination of the Blankenburg community for lunch, dinner and having a delightful evening with friends. The garden is airy, packed with good energy and friendly familiar faces.  Syrtaki garden can easily be found in the front of the restaurant with the big trees and the smooth lights. A great place for friends and familys of all ages.Also the Garden is where people meet to enjoy the Greek traditional cuisine that has been integral part of Blankenburg and it is not going away soon.

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Alt Blankenburg 22-24

13129 Berlin

Open Daily from :

Mon-Sun: 12:00  – 12:00

Reservation Number:

030 / 47 48 59 77

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